Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry: Custom Handmade Gemstone Ring, Earring, Pendant, Necklace, Bracelet. Handcrafted Precious Stone Jewellery Price in Sri Lanka. We create handmade gemstone jewellery inspired by the beautiful local scenic landscape, and we also carefully source sterling silver creations from around the world. We believe that beautiful jewellery should be affordable, so we do everything we can to bring you the best value, quality and service. Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry? Outfit missing something? Give it a personal touch with our curated collection of gemstone jewellery. From natural pearl to moonstone and sapphire, discover your favourite precious stones set in unique handmade pieces of jewellery.

Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry As Unique As You. Custom handmade jewelry should be both personal and unique, something beautifully indicative of character and originality.
Sri Lanka is world renowned for its magnificent gems. We offer special Handmade Jewelry sets with using both precious and semi precious stones. These jewelries add and sparkle our lives with timeless beauty and passion. Through passionately observed processes and using the finest materials, we create the most unique jewelry in Sri Lanka. Our jewelries are made of sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. We use to make jewels by 9kt, 14kt, 18kt yellow and white gold materials. Our reputation is a result of our commitment to providing customers superior gems and jewelries which masterfully crafted by well experienced craftsmen team.
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Precious Stone Jewellery

We are available in providing you rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and bangles etc. These jewelries are very reasonable and price is affordable. You can make your favorite jewel anytime with Blue Moon Jewelers and we offer FREE shipping worldwide. We Designs values the importance of creative self-expression. The jewelry is crafted according to everyone’s unique taste. We are leading custom handmade jewellery designer for silver and gold jewelleries in Sri Lanka. All our jewellery and jewellery designs are come with a jewellery certificate that clearly states the authenticity and quality of our jewellery. Enjoy the passion of life with unique styles!
100% Natural, Genuine and Certified Gemstones

Buy Gems in Sri Lanka

Buy Sri Lanka Sapphires Online? Sri Lanka has been producing fine sapphire for centuries, and many of the world’s most famous sapphires were found there. Buy certified 100% natural Precious Stones online at cheap & wholesale price from Sri Lanka.

Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Precious Gemstone Jewelry: The rarest and the most beautiful jewelry pieces made from the best rocks and mineral stones are considered precious gemstone jewelry. These jewelry pieces are known for their sophistication and class, people seen wearing them are considered wealthy and classy. But we makes both expensive as well as affordable pieces for the people who cannot afford expensive jewelry. Till now we have talked about gemstones that are available in only one color but sapphire is one such gemstone that is available in orange, green, yellow, pink, black, purple as well colorless. But one color of this sapphire gemstone that stands out is blue. It is the symbol of wisdom and royalty. This gemstone is basically worn to control and focus our minds on the brighter sides of any situation. Sapphire has a lot of medical benefits as well as is associated with astrology like all the other precious gemstones we talked about.

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Store in Sri Lanka

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Store in Sri Lanka: Want to create an impression on someone? Want yes for an answer? Want to propose to someone? Is your wife angry? A gemstone is an answer for literally everything. Gemstones are considered the heart of the jewelry industry this is because women all over the world love them so much. The ladies love to show it off in public and admire its beauty in private. With all the vibrant colors that are available in them, they go with all the attires that one wears. The variety of stones makes everyone fall in love with it. Not only women but also men love to accessorize themselves with these valuable gemstones. We at Gems in Sri Lanka. Make buying gemstone jewelry an amazing experience for all of you out there. With all our variety you will just be in love with all the pieces that you will come across. Talking about gemstone jewelry let’s find a little about gemstones first.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry: Gemstones are mineral crystals which when cut and polished are used for making jewelry and other things like cups, showpieces, etc. Gemstones are mainly known for their luster, hardness, and their antiquity. Apart from these properties gemstones are also considered healing stones and are used for self-empowerment. Gemstones and astrology go hand in hand for some people. From the point of view of astrology, the stones that are untreated, natural, and unheated are considered the best mystical stones for healing. has the best gemstone jewelry for astrology purposes too.

Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire Jewelry: Blue sapphire with fine color is so desirable that producers take an extra step after mining and before cutting to make sure that a sapphire has the brightest blue hue possible. Before their final polish, most sapphires are heated to almost 2,000 degrees in order to improve the color and clarity. Heat enhancement is stable, does not require special care, and does not reduce the gem’s value. Blue sapphire jewelry is most often crafted in white or yellow gold or platinum but silver is also an option if budget is a concern. Because the bright cornflower blue color of your blue sapphire jewelry will catch the eye, you will want to match the color of blue sapphire earrings or a blue sapphire necklace closely to the color of a blue sapphire ring. Sapphire is a very durable gem that wears well over generations. Clean blue sapphire jewelry with mild dish soap: use a soft brush behind the stone where dust can collect. Sapphire Jewelry fine quality blue sapphire jewelry is designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand in the Sri Lanka.

Gemstone Necklace

Gemstone Necklace: One of the boldest ways to show off that beautiful gemstone is to wear it around your neck. Necklaces are always the first to catch someone’s attention. With the plethora of styles offered, you have a choice between necklaces and pendants like a Victoria-style pendant to showcase that pearl or a classic double halo style that allows you to combine more than one of the exquisite gemstones on sale.

Gemstone Ring

Gemstone Ring: Another gorgeous way to flaunt that stunning gemstone is to wear it on your finger; for example, the engagement ring! Buying the perfect engagement ring would entail you perusing through copious amounts of styles. Choosing your band, handpicking the metal and the band style will ensure you admire that exquisite piece of jewellery whenever you look at your hand.

Gemstone Earring

Gemstone Earring: Brightening your face up with earrings is a classic way to wear your gemstones. Peruse through the list of gemstones by colour, to ensure you buy the best one! With styles ranging from classic to modern, from the tradition inspired Lahari Paisley earrings to Poire Amethyst earrings, Carat Lane has everything you are looking for.

Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet: The ever-classy, bracelets are always fashionable. The inner fashionista in everyone craves a bracelet with their favorite gemstone. Setting it in wrist watches is also a trend the elite love.

Semi-Precious Gemstones Jewelry

Semi-Precious Gemstones Jewelry: A part of mineral when cut or refined is also used to make jewelry, the stones used in this jewelry are semi-precious gemstones, and the jewelry pieces are known as semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Some rocks like a jet, amber, etc., and other organic resources are also considered gemstones and are used for making jewelry. Except for diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire, all other gemstones are classified as semi-precious gemstones. To think that semi-precious stones are cheaper and poor in quality would be wrong as this classification is a commercial one. Many times one may come across semi-precious stones that are more expensive than the previous ones. Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry. we have a range of semi-precious jewelry as well. As a wholesaler, retailer as well as a manufacturer we have some of the best quality semi-precious gemstones like alexandrite, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, garnet, morganite, opal, pearls, peridot, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, zircon, etc. All these gemstones have been put together in the best of jewelry at Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry. The rarest designs and the stunning artwork of our designers will definitely make you fall in love with the accessories that you will have a glance at.

Gemstone Jewelry Price in Sri Lanka

Gemstone Jewelry Price in Sri Lanka: Instantly recognizable, sapphire jewelry features an impressive blue gemstone that symbolizes purity, loyalty and trust. The word sapphire comes from the Greek “sapphires” meaning “blue.” With its alluring blue color, impressive clarity and hardness, the sapphire is the most popular gemstone. The sapphire is a desirable gift that wins hearts and shows your loved ones just how special they are. Sapphire earrings, sapphire bracelets and sapphire rings are popular choices among celebrities, influencers and royals! Whether given as a bridal gift, promise ring or just because, the sapphire makes a lasting impression.

Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online

Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online: Choose from a wide collection of astrological or precious gemstones and witness handcrafted hallmark gemstone jewellery designs seen nowhere else!. Jewellery. Fine Handmade Jewelry using highly selected exceptional rare gemstones Painstakingly Handmade to the Highest Standards Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. Discover our selection of exquisite handmade gemstone jewelry featuring gemologist-selected fine colored gemstones of all types direct from the mines. Handmade by our master goldsmiths and designed by our renowned designer Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry. Our jewelry is all one of a kind. We do not mass manufacture. Each piece is designed separately around an exceptional gemstone and then lovingly hand crafted by our Master Goldsmiths to the finest international standards.

Gemstones in Germany

Gemstones in Germany and Gemstone Jewellery: Shop precious and semi-precious gemstone jewellery from Sri Lankan fashion jewellery brand Gems in Sri Lanka. FREE Global Delivery on all orders & FREE Sri Lanka Returns. Gemstone Jewellery in Sri Lanka – Buy gemstone rings, earrings, bracelet, necklace, pendant, bangles, watches and jewellery sets online at Gems in Sri Lanka. Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online?. Bluemoon Gem and Jewel, Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry, Buy Sri Lanka Sapphire, Natural Ceylon Sapphires, Gemstone Price in Sri Lanka, Buy Ceylon Blue Sapphire, Buy Gems in Australia, Buy Gems in United Kingdom, Buy Gems in United State

Where are I buy Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry in Sri Lanka

Where are I buy Best Handmade Gemstone Jewelry in Sri Lanka. Enter the gorgeous world of deep, luxurious blue with the range of stunning sapphire jewellery available at Ernest Jones. If you are really looking to complete your look, or you’re looking to find that perfect gift for a friend or loved one, there is something truly special about a gift of sapphire jewellery. From beautiful sapphire rings to some truly iconic earring and necklace designs, there is something for everyone in the Ernest Jones sapphire stone jewellery range. Enjoy free Worldwide delivery and interest-free credit on qualifying items when your order online today.
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We are Blue Moon Gem and Jewel (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka. Our mission is to simplify the tedious task of sourcing gemstones by providing quality products with impeccable customer service.
Our Specialties
We are Blue Moon Gem and Jewel (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka. Our mission is to simplify the tedious task of sourcing gemstones by providing quality products with impeccable customer service.
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